California School Finance Authority

Charter School Facility Grant Program
(Senate Bill 740 Program)

Designed to provide annual assistance with rent and lease expenditures for charter school facilities.

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The Charter School Facility Grant Program provides annual assistance with facilities rent and lease expenditures to charter schools that meet eligibility criteria. Charter schools are awarded $1,117 per unit of classroom-based Average Daily Attendance (ADA), up to 75% of their annual facilities rent and lease costs for the school.

CSFA’s administration of the Charter School Facility Grant Program has resulted in an increase of funding to charter schools from $47 million in 2011-12 to $112 million in 2016-17. In addition to increased funding, CSFA has increased efficiencies for applicants by launching an online application process for the submission of documents for this grant. The online application has been a tremendous success – saving all applicants time and money!

SB740 15 Day Notice Availability of Modified Text

Pursuant to Government Code, Section 11346.8(c), and Section 44 of Title 1 of the California Code of Regulations, CSFA is providing Notice of its proposed rulemaking action for purposes of amending the California School Facility Grant Program regulations. The 15-day public comment period begins August 7, 2018 and ends on August 22, 2018. Please refer to the following: 1) Notice of Modification to Text of Proposed Regulations; 2) Proposed Charter School Facility Grant Program Regulations; and 3) Proposed Application 2018-19.

SB740 Regulations