Centralized Treasury and Securities Management Division (CTSMD)

Impact of the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) on CTSMD

As a result of our historical partnership in the FI$Cal project with the Department of Finance, State Controllerís Office, and Department of General Services, the State Treasurerís Office (STO) will incorporate a number of its cash management processes into this new system. Specifically, there currently are four (4) systems utilized within the STOís CTSMD that are scheduled for replacement as part of FI$Calís Release 2017:

Electronic Deposit Forms (EDF)

EDF is CTSMDís web based application that allows agencies to transmit the report of deposit information to the STO electronically, and print hard copies for use by the CTS banks and state agencies as required.

Front-End Deposit System (FEDS)

FEDS is a windows based application that imports EDF data and zero balance account (ZBA) deposit files in the deposits table and utilizes data entry screens and query capabilities to allow users to maintain deposit information.

Recon Plus for Windows (RPW)

RPW is used by CTSMD staff to reconcile agency deposit data with bank deposit data as well as reconcile all transactions processed through the Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA).

CheckWrite System (CWS)

CWS is an Oracle-based system that records all the daily deposit and disbursement transactions affecting the Treasurerís demand accounts held at the eight depository banks. It is also the check-writing program used to issue checks drawn on the eight depository bank accounts . The CWS transactions are later imported into STOís bank reconciliation system (Frontier) and constitute the STO Ďbook sideí for bank reconciliation purposes.

What Effect Will These Changes Have on State Agencies that Report Information to CTSMD?

Those departments/agencies that are in FI$Cal when EDF is incorporated into the system will transmit their deposit information directly through FI$Cal. Deferred and exempt departments will continue to use EDF with no changes to the process. Departments not on EDF and not in FI$Cal will continue to submit their reports of deposit (RODs) to the STO and the STO will key their information into FI$Cal. There will be no significant impact to agencies once CWS, FEDS and RPW have been incorporated into FI$Cal.