Centralized Treasury and Securities Management Division (CTSMD)


Division Administration

  • Develops and implements all policy matters regarding the CTSMD.
  • Advises state agencies/departments on all banking related matters.
  • Manages and maintains the banking relationships with the depository banks.
  • Oversees the development, management and award of all contracts that are administered on behalf of the state agencies.
  • Reviews and analyzes proposed legislation affecting the Treasurer’s Office/CTSMD.

Securities and Banking Services

  • Manages the demand account banking functions of the Centralized Treasury System (CTS).
  • Develops cash flow forecasts that are presented to the Investment Division informing them of the amounts available for investment and/or the cash needs of the state agencies.
  • Keeps abreast of any legislative and budgetary changes that would impact the CTSMD forecasts.
  • Acts as support staff for the Pooled Money Investment Board (PMIB).
  • Clears and settles all securities purchased and sold for investment by the State Treasurer and other active investment funds.
  • Clears and settles securities pledged to the State by companies required by law to submit collateral in order to transact business in the State.

The Securities and Banking Services is comprised of two sections: Financial Services Section and Securities Clearance Section.

Banking Operations

  • Redeems all items presented by banks for payment, handling of forgeries, and managing Stop Payments.
  • Reconciles all deposits made by various state agencies and departments into the Centralized Treasury System accounts.
  • Ensures that all financial activities are accurately and timely posted by the state depository banks.
  • Manages a number of important programs which are designed to expedite the processing of State revenue.
  • Administers the clearance and settlement of securities pledged as collateral by California financial institutions to the State for the Time, Demand, and State Agency programs.
  • Provides safekeeping and custody of securities and items inside the vault as well as the physical security of the vault.

The Banking Operations is comprised of three sections: Collateral Management Section, Item Processing Section, and Bank Reconciliation Section.