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Digital Toolkit

This digital toolkit is designed to help you share information about CalSavers by connecting you with resources you can use for your social media accounts, web content, newsletters, and any other methods you might use to help spread the word.

Hosting an event? We have a multilingual outreach team fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese available for presentations, tabling, and more. For any requests, please contact our Director of Outreach and Education Jonathan Herrera at

1. Sample Web Content & Newsletters

Please help us get the word out by posting information about our
program on your website. Sample content is included below, with
options for an employer audience and one for a saver or general

2. Brochures

3. Public Webinars

For a full list of our upcoming public webinars, please visit our webinars
. To cohost a dedicated webinar with us for your members/
constituents, please

4. CalSavers Social Media Accounts

5. Videos

Participating Employer Testimonials

Participating Saver Testimonials


6. Image Bank

7. Hashtags

  • #CalSavers
  • #YourMoneyYourFuture
  • #SuDineroSuFuturo
  • #MyCalSavers
  • #HelpYourEmployeesSave

8. Links

9. Background

10. Data

11. Talking Points & Statistics

  • Talking Point: Too many Californians are unprepared for retirement.
    Statistic: Nearly 1/2 of Californians are on track for significant economic hardship in retirement. (Source)
  • Talking Point: Without an easy way to save for retirement, most simply won’t.
    Statistic: People are 15x more likely to save for retirement if they can do it at work. (Source)
  • Talking Point: Retirement insecurity impacts all Californians and disproportionately impacts people of color.
    Statistic: 2/3rds of CA workers w/out access are people of color and ½ are Latino. (Source)
  • Talking Point: Saving for retirement when you’re young can make a big difference in the future, but most young people are not saving.
    Statistic: 2/3rds of working Millennials have nothing saved for retirement. (Source)

12. Select Media Coverage