California Pollution Control Financing Authority

California Capital Access Program (CalCAP)
California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Heavy-Duty Vehicle Air Quality Loan Program

From 2009-2023, this credit enhancement program supported small business loans for heavy-duty vehicles complying with emissions standards.
New programs for zero emission vehicles (ZEV) & infrastructure are under development.

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The CalCAP CARB program sunset on July 31, 2023.

In a funding partnership that began in 2009 with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), CalCAP contributed $219 million to support more than 40,000 loans to assist California small business owners purchase more than 40,000 cleaner trucks, which is the equivalent of removing over 13 million passenger cars from the road and 182 tons per year of particulate matter.

Currently, financial institutions can enroll loans for purchase of trucks and trailers in CalCAP Collateral Support or CalCAP for Small Business, and new credit enhancement programs to support the purchase of zero emission vehicles (ZEV) and infrastructure are under development.

Please see GO-Biz’s webpage for more information on ZEV market development, readiness, and resources.

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