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May 2019

Letter from Treasurer Ma

The benefits of higher education are well established. A person’s social mobility and economic potential are enhanced by education. And so is California’s prosperity, which hinges on expanding our educated workforce to meet anticipated future job growth.

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2019 Scholar Dollar Award Winning Schools

The annual competition is open to schools statewide. Learn more at:

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ABCs of the BCAs - ScholarShare 529

Colleges and universities can be expensive. Who wants to take on loans it may take years to pay off? At the same time, we all want the upward mobility, higher income potential, and equal shot at living the California dream that tends to follow getting a higher education.

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Heart of The Treasury

Our May employee of the month is Tawnia Starr-Contreras. A veteran of more than 12 years at the Treasurer’s Office, Tawnia has spent all of those years as the assistant for the Legal Office, and providing support for the Executive Office.

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Ask the Treasurer

I’m going to open a ScholarShare 529 account in order to save for my daughter’s future education costs. What types of schools and expenses can my college savings account be used for?

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The Vault: May 2019

Calendar of upcoming public finance activities and bond sales.

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Upcoming BCA Events

See upcoming BCA events.

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Top Billing: May 2019

A monthly update on key legislation for Treasurer Ma.

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The Ma Squad

See Treasurer Ma's travels in May in photos.

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