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2009 Debt Issuance and Public Investment Seminars and Conferences

Advanced Concepts and Practices for Investing Public Funds
October 22-23, 2009, Wyndham San Jose
San Jose, California

This is CDIAC’s second investment course. This one and one-half day seminar included panels on investment economics, investment products, cash flow analysis, investment objectives, and performance measurements.

Solar Energy: Public Financing Options for California's Local Governments
October 8-9, 2009, Oakland Marriott
Oakland, California

This is CDIAC’s first-ever course on options for financing solar energy. At this one and one-half day seminar, public agency officials and staff will hear panels that address using Mello-Roos financing, Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), and local/state/federal government incentive programs to foster investment in solar energy.

Fundamentals of Debt Financing
October 1-2, 2009, Concord Hilton
Concord, California

This one and one-half day seminar is the first in a series of three debt-issuance courses. It covers the roles and responsibilities of financing team members, types of short- and long-term financings, the decision to use credit enhancement, and the credit rating process. The seminar concludes with a discussion of issuer responsibilities for initial and continuing disclosure.

Bond Buyer Pre-Conference
September 14, 2009, La Costa Resort & Spa
Carlsbad, California

Demystifying School Debt Finance
September 8, 2009, University Square Office
Bakersfield, California

For more information, please visit the bond buyer’s website.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009: Financing Opportunities for California’s Public Agencies
June 19, 2009, Ziggurat Building
West Sacramento, California

This one-day seminar is designed to provide public agencies information on accessing the public financing opportunities resulting from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Speakers will discuss the new taxable and tax-exempt bond programs, increased allocations for existing bond programs, application deadlines, and other changes to the municipal bond market.

Living With an Issue: Ongoing Debt Administration
May 14-15, 2009, Sheraton Mission Valley San Diego
San Diego, California

This one and one-half day seminar is the last in CDIAC’s series of debt issuance seminars and is designed to assist issuers with the administration of their debt instruments. It covers the roles and responsibilities of trustees and issuers, arbitrage rebate calculations, continuing disclosure, compliance monitoring, refundings, and advanced debt structures.

Mechanics of a Bond Sale
April 30 - May 1, 2009, Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina
Redondo Beach, California

This one and one-half day seminar is the second in a series of three CDIAC debt issuance seminars intended to help issuers plan and market their debt. This seminar covers structuring the financing, developing a debt management policy, using a plan of finance, securing credit enhancement, preparing legal documents, marketing an issuance, understanding federal arbitrage rules and regulations, and investing bond proceeds.

Fundamentals of Land-Secured Financing
March 6, 2009, Concord, California

This one-day workshop focuses on Mello-Roos Community Facilities District and Assessment District financings. It covers financing structures, pre-formation considerations, the district formation process, project implementation, bond issuance mechanics, and the administration of liens and bonds.

  • Mello-Roos Financing Team:
    • Lawrence G. Rolapp, Chief Executive Officer
    • Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates
    • Susan Goodwin, Managing Principal
    • Goodwin Consulting Group
    • Robert Davison, Manager of Special Districts
    • County of Sacramento
  • Assessment District Financing Team:
    • Sam Sperry, of Counsel
    • Meyers Nave Riback Silver & Wilson
    • Joan Cox, P.E., Associate, Harris & Associates
    • Emil A. Marzullo, Executive Director, City of San Bernardino Economic Development Agency

ABCs of School Debt Financing
February 6, 2009, Hilton Ontario Airport
Ontario, California

This one-day seminar is tailored to school business officials and staff members who seek a better understanding of debt financing, including the approval and sale of general obligation bonds. This seminar covers sources of debt financing and ongoing administration and accounting issues.