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Current Topics and Practices
in Land-secured and Development Finance

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May 22, 2024
Pomona, CA
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For many years, land-secured financing has been a critical public finance tool in the development of new homes across the state, but more recently it has become an accepted mechanism to provide public services and to address calls for non-traditional solutions to California’s housing crisis. The integration of community facilities districts and tax increment districts have also led to the development of potent long-term financing strategies for infrastructure, housing, and economic development. This program builds from the fundamental land-secured topics to examine current district formation, finance, and administration practices, and explores the strategic application of land-secured and tax increment financing tools to meet a variety of current public finance challenges.

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Arbitrage Risks and Opportunities
in the Current Market

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March 21, 2024
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This webinar will discuss arbitrage opportunities in the context of the current market environment and the implications of the presence of positive arbitrage on debt and investment management strategies for public agencies. Speakers will comment on considerations for applying positive arbitrage as a potential cost-saving strategy when issuing or refinancing debt while mindfully complying with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements for arbitrage rebate and yield restriction. Speakers will also explore different debt structures that utilize positive arbitrage in the context of the rebate process, options to manage arbitrage allowances, the private use of government funds, and IRS audits.

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Fundamentals of Public Funds Investing

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February 28-29, 2024
Livermore, California
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This seminar provides the fundamental concepts, tools, and strategies necessary to manage and oversee public investment portfolios. Panelists will address the components of portfolio management, including roles and responsibilities of practitioners, understanding permitted investments, establishing policy objectives, and managing cash flow. In addition, panelists will address structuring and diversifying an investment portfolio, benchmarking, and best practices in portfolio accounting, disclosure, and reporting.