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August 2019

Letter from Treasurer Ma

Climate change threatens our quality of life, our economy, and poses material risk to our communities. Massive hurricanes, raging wildfires, bomb cyclones, and other weather catastrophes that were previously considered once-in-a-lifetime events are now occurring at an alarming rate.

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Looking to upgrade and achieve greater energy efficiency for a home or a business? Eager to join in global environmental efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb carbon pollution? Well, why not do both?

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Heart of The Treasury

Congratulations Sandra Kent, our July employee of the month!

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Ask the Treasurer

I recently attended one of your small business seminars and heard a presentation about the CalSavers retirement savings program. I operate a nonprofit organization. Are nonprofits required to register for the program?

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The Vault: August 2019

Calendar of upcoming public finance activities and bond sales.

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Upcoming BCA Events

See upcoming BCA events.

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Top Billing: August 2019

A monthly update on key legislation for Treasurer Ma.

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A Master Plan for Aging

As adults live longer and more productive lives – and more want to stay in their homes and communities as they age – Treasurer Fiona Ma feels strongly that we must ensure the state is able to meet the demand. To do that, we need a California Master Plan for Aging.

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The Ma Squad

Photos of Treasurer Fiona Ma on the Road.

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