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April 2020

Letter from Treasurer Ma

This is a challenging time. Dramatic changes are affecting all of our lives and families. It is also proving to be a time that showcases the strength of California. Californians everywhere are demonstrating their personal commitment to doing the most good for the greatest number of people every day. I have been and continue to be inspired by how we are all rising together to meet the challenge of the moment.

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Ask the Treasurer

I have owned and operated a family-run restaurant for over 11 years. The business is my family’s livelihood. We’ve been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and we are suffering insurmountable losses. What resources are available to help small business owners like myself? Any help would be appreciated!

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Heart of the Treasury - Spencer Walker

Meet Spencer Walker, our new General Counsel. A senior attorney with 25-years of experience, Spencer replaces Mark Paxson who retired last month. Spencer has been working in the State Treasurer’s Office (STO) since March 2019.

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The ABCs of the BCAs: CPCFA

The California Pollution Control Financing Authority – one of 16 boards, commissions and authorities overseen by State Treasurer Fiona Ma – may well be the original “green bank” in California. Established in 1972 to issue tax-exempt bonds for privately-owned waste and recycling projects, CPCFA is today uniquely qualified to attract private capital to business enterprises using public financing and incentives that can help California be economically prosperous, environmentally clean, and resilient to climate change. CPCFA’s financing programs stimulate environmental cleanup, community economic development, and job growth throughout the state.

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Upcoming BCA Events

Calendar of upcoming events.

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Top Billing: April 2020

A monthly update on key legislation for Treasurer Ma.

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The Ma Squad

Photos of Treasurer Fiona Ma's travels.

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