California Tax Credit Allocation Committee

Placed in Service Package and IRS Tax Form(s) 8609 Request

When an awarded project has completed construction or rehabilitation and prior to the issuance of a low income housing tax credit form (IRS Tax Form(s) 8609), a placed in service package must be submitted, reviewed, and approved. This webpage contains information and directions for completing the placed in service items required by the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC). Follow the placed in service checklist carefully, remembering that many of the documents require executed signatures. When completed, send the package to CTCAC by mail (no email please).

Mail Placed in Service package to CTCAC, include:

  1. Placed in service package in USB/flash drive format
  2. Cover letter stating CTCAC Project Number (CA-XX-XXX), Project Name, specify “PIS package”

Attn: Dua Xiong
California Tax Credit Allocation Committee
901 P Street, Suite 213A
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please direct questions to Fey Saeteurn, Jyotika Devi, Elaine Johnson, Cheng Lee, Dua Xiong, Jerry Ingram, Jewelry Vang , Michelle Flock or Peter Ha