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Calendar of recent and upcoming public finance activities and bond sales

February 5

Trustees of the California State University Systemwide Revenue Bonds, Series 2020B (Taxable) ($813 million)

Proceeds will be used to finance and refinance the acquisition, construction, improvement and renovation of various CSU facilities, as well as refund certain outstanding bonds.

February 20

California Earthquake Authority: Revenue Bonds, Series 2020A-1 and 2020A-2 (Federally Taxable) ($700 million)

Proceeds will be used to enhance the CEA’s claim-paying capacity for damages resulting from earthquake events.

February 27

Regents of the University of California – Medical Center Pooled Revenue Bonds, 2020 Series N (Taxable) (Par TBD)

Proceeds will be used to finance or refinance certain improvements to various UC medical centers.

More information about the upcoming fall bond sales can be found at: The bond issuances described above (including the amounts and timing thereof) are preliminary and subject to change or cancellation based on market conditions or other factors as determined by the State Treasurer.