Listing of Boards, Commissions and Authorities

The State Treasurer's Office (STO) plays a central administrative role to numerous State Authorities, Boards, and Commissions. The Treasurer serves as chair or member of these various agencies that organizationally report to the STO. Many of these agencies are authorized to issue debt for specific purposes as permitted by law, and others have unique responsibilities such as forecasting State revenues, advising California municipalities on debt issuance, and overseeing the State's various investment operations.

Boards, Commissions and Authorities which the Treasurer Chairs

Other Boards and Committees on which the Treasurer Sits as a Member

  • California Competes Tax Credit Committee
  • California Earthquake Authority
  • California Housing Finance Agency
  • California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank
  • California State University Investment Advisory Committee
  • Commission on State Mandates
  • No Place Like Home Program Advisory Board
  • Public Employees' Retirement System Board of Administration (CalPERS)
  • State Public Works Board
  • State Teachers' Retirement System Board (STRS)

Bond Finance Committees Chaired by the Treasurer

  • 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1990 Prison Construction Committees
  • 1988 County Correctional Facility Capital Expenditure and Youth Facility Finance Committee
  • California Clean Water, Clean Air, Safe Neighborhood Parks and Coastal Protection Act Finance Committee
  • California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Finance Committee
  • California Library Construction and Renovation Finance Committee
  • California Safe Drinking Water Finance Committee
  • California Stem Cell Research and Cures Finance Committee
  • California Water Resources Development Finance Committee
  • Children's Hospital Bond Act Finance Committee
  • Clean Water and Water Reclamation Finance Committee
  • Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention Bond Finance Committee
  • Earthquake Safety and Public Buildings Rehabilitation Finance Committee
  • High-Speed Passenger Train Finance Committee
  • Higher Education Facilities Finance Committee
  • Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, and Port Security Finance Committee
  • Housing Committee
  • Housing Finance Committee
  • Housing for Veterans Finance Committee
  • Passenger Rail Finance Committee
  • Safe, Clean, Reliable Water Supply Finance Committee
  • Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water, Watershed Protection and Flood Protection Finance Committee
  • Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Finance Committee
  • Safe Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air and Coastal Protection Finance Committee
  • Seismic Retrofit Finance Committee
  • State School Building Finance Committee
  • Transportation Improvement Finance Committee
  • Veterans' Debenture Finance Committee
  • Veterans' Finance Committee of 1943
  • Veterans' Home Finance Committee
  • Voting Modernization Finance Committee
  • Water Conservation and Water Quality Finance Committee
  • Water Conservation Finance Committee
  • Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Finance Committee
  • Water Security, Clean Drinking Water, Coastal and Beach Protection Act of 2002 Finance Committee
  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Program Finance Committee